• It is no longer sufficient to manage security at the perimeter alone.

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Managed Detection & Response

Business threats are everywhere and this is especially true in our new digital world. Protecting against cyber threats has become one of the top focus areas globally however various challenges exist that make cyber resilience difficult to achieve, especially for small and midsize companies.

Let the Talanos Team Help

Talanos invests heavily in training and retaining skilled cyber security professionals and engineers globally. Deployed alongside industry leading technology as well as our own developed accelerators, our analysts are able to focus on critical security events, analyse and provide crucial incident context and assist customers in responding to threats. Our Managed Detection & Response Service delivers the following capabilities:

  • Asset Discovery: Know who and what is connected to your environment at all times.

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Find and remediate your vulnerabilities before an exploit or intrusion.

  • Intrusion Detection: Be alerted to suspicious activities that may indicate an intrusion in your environment.

  • Behavioral Monitoring: Identify anomalous or suspicious behaviors in your environment.

  • SIEM & Log Management: Correlate and analyze event data from across your environment.

  • File Integrity Monitoring: Monitor configuration and integrity of system critical files.

Have you been breached?

You cannot prevent all security incidents but you had better be able to detect them and respond quickly. Talk to a consultant about our cybersecurity capabilities or discuss a proof of concept.

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Identity Focused Security

Our Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) with built-in threat intelligence to correlate security events from multiple silo’ed sources, hooks into popular IAM providers to add crucial identity context to logged security events throughout the stack to determine patterns of behavior and access - A capabilty known as User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA).

Identity Adds Context & Story to Cyber Security Events

Automating PCI Compliance