Dark Web Risk Assessment

Dark web monitoring is the process of searching for and keeping track of personal information found on a portion of the internet not accessible via normal means.

The dark web is a hidden network of websites that requires a special web browser to access. It's hidden from search engines and allows users to hide their IP addresses. The dark web's privacy and anonymity means it serves as a venue for people who want to stay hidden and render malicious services like identity theft and the sharing of harvested passwords and login credentials.

Talanos can provided a detailed evaluated report monthly of available dark web records relating to your organization. You will receive:

  • List of breached records and available data
  • Analysis of accuracy and timeliness of data
  • Nature of breach (where disclosed)
  • Remedial actions to be taken

Breach data is sourced ethically, and the data handled by limited number of Talanos security specialists.

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