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Talanos Cybersecurity are a global team of security professionals and engineers committed to helping organisations of all sizes prepare, protect, detect and respond in the face of growing Cyber threats.

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Cybersecurity Capabilities

Our broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity services to protect your business, from end to end.

Growing cyber attacks on small & midsize businesses

Most small and midsize businesses have a false sense of cybersecurity confidence because they don’t believe attackers will target them. A Verizon Data Breach report paints a different picture:


Targeted Small Businesses


by Organised Crime


Involved Insiders


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Detecting Accidental & Malicious Insider Threats

By combining our expertise in the Identity and Access Management domain with traditional Cyber Security practices, we're able to visualise, understand and reliably predict user behaviour.

When nearly half of all security incidents are either perpetrated or enabled by insiders, analysing both the good and bad behaviour is key to early detection and timeous response to Cyber threats.

The Talanos Identity SOC combines advanced identity analytics and learning with traditional log data collected with a SIEM, providing insight to a team of security analysts who can respond to threats on your behalf.

Customers can no longer rely on single point products like Mimecast and Office365 to protect them from Business Email Compromise. If you've fallen victim to: Bogus Invoices, CEO Fraud, Impersonation and Data Loss or Theft...

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Alliances and Technology Partners

We work with forensic experts, regulators and a large ecosystem of industry specialists who provide continuous cyber defense support, trend analysis, threat hunting, advanced threat analytics and more.

"You cannot prevent all security incidents but you had better be able to detect them and respond quickly…"

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