Solving key digital identity challenges for organisations.

  • Detecting the abuse and misuse of identities.

    Most cybersecurity incidents involve the misuse and/or abuse of legitimate credentials (or credentials that have been created outside of the legitimate processes). With Talanos, identity based threats are proactively detected and remediated. We also help companies to close loopholes that can be exploited by insiders.

  • Poor customer experience.

    Regardless of the products they have purchased or which business division owns the relationship, customers believe they are dealing with one company and want a single, consolidated view of their dealings. Talanos helps companies create a simple, centralised onboarding and automated digital identity lifecycle process, enabling self-service and single sign-on (SSO) for your users.

  • Annual audit findings due to poor or missing controls.

    Internal and external auditors are looking to ensure that companies are able to produce evidence that access has been approved, is sufficient for the job to be performed, is regularly reviewed and is promptly removed when no longer needed. Talanos quickly resolves audit findings and helps close burning red items on the risk register.

  • Business believe that identities should be IT owned.

    IT enables the business and ultimately, the business should be accountable for the risks associated with the digital identities provisioned to their users. Achieving this requires slick integration of business processes with the identity lifecycle as well as a simplification of the concepts and language used by IT processes and tools. Talanos can show you how.

Privileged accounts are a special case.

Privileged access typically provisioned to system administrators and developers is a subset of identities managed by an Identity and Access Management program. Follow the below link to find out more about the use cases associated with these accounts.

Identity centric security.

Identity Governance and Administration: Administer and provision accounts and entitlements, govern identity life cycles for entities such as people and machines, and use analytics to help automate and cut down on manual processes.

Access Management and Authentication: Verify that humans and machines are who or what they claim, and ensure that they are entitled to securely access web resources in line with zero-trust principles (via authorization and adaptive access)

Customer IAM: Provide a user-friendly, secure and scalable foundation to enable external users to interact with applications and services.

Privileged Access Management.

Delivering IAM: Establish and run an effective long-term program for implementing IAM practices, processes and technologies that are aligned with business objectives.

Fraud Detection.

Technology partnerships.

Partnership spanning a decade.

See how Talanos have helped a large South African financial services organisation modernise and operate their Identity and Access Management solution, enabling their ongoing digital transformation journey.

After a decade in operation, the Talanos managed services team has continued to demonstrate business value and deliver new and modern functionality for users, on top of the original IAM platform.

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Some of our happy IAM customers.

To start your digital identity transformation, contact one of our principal identity consultants.

The Talanos Difference.

  • 9+/10 customer recommendations based on NPS scores.

  • Graduate placement program to grow cyber skills.

  • Average employee tenure is 7 years.

  • Each staff member has on average 8.65 cyber and IT qualifications.

We're working to embed our values into everything we do and our customers notice:

No surprises!

  • Transparent pricing, no hidden costs and focused on measurable ROI.
  • Streamlined and flexible contracting, ensuring ease of doing business.

Talented People.

  • Exceptional people backed by robust security and quality delivery systems (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited).
  • Passionate about cyber, demonstrated by industry-leading certifications and groundbreaking research.

Always There. Always Caring.

  • Named analysts who become an extension of your team, offering expert advice and proactive recommendations.
  • Global 24/7 team delivering resilience and diverse thinking, supported by regional teams for the local touch.