Our Management Team.

Andrew Papastefanou

Founder and CEO

Andy has founded several businesses aimed at tackling different cybersecurity challenges and started Talanos to counter the growing threat to data privacy.


Naveen Sharma

CTO & Head of Security Engineering

With his deep technical expertise, Naveen and his team have delivered several successful and highly complex projects across public and private sector organisations.


Dennis Ball

Chief Operating Officer

Dennis has 30 years' experience in HR, Ops and Management, helping businesses to scale, with a focus on great culture, performance enablement and operational excellence.


Renier Potgieter

Head of Service Management

Renier leads our Managed Services teams and ensures delivery of various operational improvements and security enhancements, aligned with ISO9001.


Jan Lundall

Head of Security Operations

After leaving the specialised Air Force electronic warfare unit, Jan has spent 20+ years delivering various security and compliance projects and is also responsible for our ISO27001.


Andrew Gibbens

Head of Sales

A seasoned sales executive who has worked for both large corporate and small cybersecurity firms, helping to build and scale their sales teams and processes.



Tom Millar

Non-Executive Director

Tom brings a wealth of experience in scaling cybersecurity businesses, incredible energy and a black book of friends, colleagues and advisors that is quite enviable. 

Tom is a serial entrepreneur having successfully built and sold his first cybersecurity MSSP in 2016 for over 18x earnings. Continuing his passion for cyber, he has invested in and mentored several companies and is currently CEO of Venari Security, tackling the threat that post quantum cryptography poses to organisations of all sizes.


Join our team.

Join Talanos Cybersecurity for a collaborative, innovative environment where your expertise makes a real difference in protecting the data of millions of people worldwide.

Our Vision.

Talanos aim to remain a respected leader within the managed cybersecurity services space and we strive to provide our customers around the world with excellence, reliability and truly innovative solutions - subsequently protecting the personal data of millions of individuals within society.

Working to embed our values in everything that we do.

  • Focus on Quality

    Our adherence to industry-leading standards such as ISO 9001 demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality solutions. Our rigorous testing processes and regular audits ensure that our services consistently meet or exceed the highest cybersecurity standards and our customers expectations.

  • Trust & Accountability

    We provide transparent reporting and regular updates on security measures, ensuring our clients are informed and confident in our abilities. Our compliance with regulatory requirements underscores our commitment to accountability and our certifications build trust.

  • Learning & Sharing

    Our team regularly participates in training programs, industry conferences, and knowledge-sharing sessions to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity trends and techniques. We also offer resources and workshops to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to protect their assets effectively.

  • Connection as a Team

    Collaboration is ingrained in our culture, with cross-functional teams working closely together to address client needs efficiently and effectively. Regular team-building activities, both virtual and in-person, foster strong bonds and a sense of camaraderie among our staff.

  • Taking Pride in our Work

    We celebrate achievements and milestones, recognising team members who go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from satisfied clients who trust us with their cybersecurity needs.

  • Caring - for each other, our business and clients

    We prioritise employee well-being through flexible work arrangements, and ongoing support for personal and professional development. Our dedicated service delivery team ensures that every client receives personalised attention and support, demonstrating our genuine care for their business.

Our team is your team.

Our team of dedicated architects, analysts, security engineers, incident responders, threat intelligence experts and service managers will:

  • Have an average of 8 cybersecurity and IT related qualifications.
  • Have an average of 7 years' experience with Talanos in their specific security role.
  • Speak multiple languages as well as English.
  • Spend a third of their time researching the latest threats, technology trends and developing their skills on our training platforms.

Get peace of mind and speak with one of our security advisors.

The Talanos Difference.

  • 9+/10 customer recommendations based on NPS scores.

  • Graduate placement program to grow cyber skills.

  • Average employee tenure is 7 years.

  • Each staff member has on average 8.65 cyber and IT qualifications.

We're working to embed our values into everything we do and our customers notice:

No surprises!

  • Transparent pricing, no hidden costs and focused on measurable ROI.
  • Streamlined and flexible contracting, ensuring ease of doing business.

Talented People.

  • Exceptional people backed by robust security and quality delivery systems (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited).
  • Passionate about cyber, demonstrated by industry-leading certifications and groundbreaking research.

Always There. Always Caring.

  • Named analysts who become an extension of your team, offering expert advice and proactive recommendations.
  • Global 24/7 team delivering resilience and diverse thinking, supported by regional teams for the local touch.