Solving key challenges with traditional pentesting

  • Test more regularly.

    There is no need to book and schedule a pentester weeks in advance. Pentesting becomes a continuous operational process allowing changes to be tested as and when they are ready without having to wait.

  • Prioritise the fixes that matter.

    The impacts of theoretical vulnerabilities are exploited to determine their true risk to the organisation. CVSS are adjusted up and down accordingly allowing your team to focus on real issues.

  • Demonstrable and repeatable attacks.

    Attack paths contain fine-grained evidence to demonstrate exploits and allow IT teams to remediate and retest the individual findings as they progress.

  • Cost effective purple teaming.

    Test the SOC's capabilities and ensure that rules are working to detect different attacks. Train your team through regular purple team exercises, triggered at the push of a button.

The Talanos NodeZero Platform.

Talanos deliver continuous penetration testing capabilities to our managed services customers.

With NodeZero, Talanos and their customers have clear visibility into proven attack paths, step-by-step summaries of each path, and a clear understanding of their impact on the organisation.

Our platform also helps us to prioritise and manage our customer's vulnerabilities. Once remediations have been completed, it's easy for us to do a "Quick Verify" to ensure that the fixes have been effective.

Find your most critical risks, fix what matters most.

Uncover blind spots in your security posture that go beyond known and patchable vulnerabilities, such as easily compromised credentials, exposed data, misconfigurations, poor security controls, and weak policies.

NodeZero pivots through your network, chaining together weaknesses just as an attacker would and then safely exploits them. You have full visibility into the pentest’s progress and the exploits being executed in a real-time view. 

When the test is complete, the results are prioritised for immediate action. The dashboard reveals critical weaknesses, their impact to your organisation, and provides detailed remediation guidance for addressing them at a systemic level as well as individually.

To start with a trial, speak with our specialist team.

The Talanos difference.

We're working to embed our values into everything we do and our customers notice.

No surprises!

  • Transparent pricing, no hidden costs and focused on measurable ROI.
  • Streamlined contract lifecycle, ensuring ease of doing business.

Talented People.

  • Exceptional people backed by robust accredited infosec and quality delivery systems.
  • Passionate about cyber, demonstrated by industry-leading certifications and groundbreaking research.

Always There. Always Caring.

  • Named analysts who become an extension of your team, offering expert advice and proactive recommendations.
  • Global 24/7 team delivering resilience and diverse thinking, supported by regional teams for the local touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the platform CREST or OSCP certified?

NodeZero Pentesting Services for Compliance are delivered by OSCP pentesters who do tailored manual pentesting for each compliance framework combined with the NodeZero Platform to uncover complex logic errors and unknown vulnerabilities. Our pentesters deliver the specific report you need – when you need it.

What compliance frameworks do you support?

Our service helps you meet pentesting requirements for the following:

  • PCI DSS v4.0 and the updated SAQs
  • System and Organization Controls (SOC)
  • Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Center for Internet Security (CIS)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
  • Other internal requirements

How do you support Requirement 11.4 in the PCI DSS v4.0?

How often can you run a pentest?

Depending on the scope you set for the pentest as well as the maximum run time configured, you can control how long each testing cycle runs. Outside of each cycle, you can run as many pentests as you like, as often as you like.

What are the managed service limitations?

NodeZero tenants are sized for a concurrent number of IP addresses scanned. As an MSSP, Talanos can easily scale the number of concurrent IP addresses used by individual tests as you require without the need to grow or shrink your license. This provides customers some predictability as well as flexibility.