Solving key privileged account challenges for organisations.

  • "Getting the job done" trumps security.

    Privileged accounts are prime targets for cyberattacks, posing significant security risks. Talanos help organisations mitigate these risks by enforcing strict controls over privileged access and monitoring user activities to detect and respond to potential threats. Talanos can help you select the right PAM solution to remove the friction that prevents the adoption of these cybersecurity best practices.

  • The cost of compliance.

    Regulatory standards and industry mandates require organisations to implement robust controls over privileged access to protect sensitive data. Talanos enable organisations to meet compliance requirements by implementing the centralised management of privileged accounts and comprehensive audit trails. Talanos' ability to manage and operate the PAM tools, ensures continued and cost effective compliance.

  • Complex IT environments.

    Managing privileged access across diverse IT infrastructures is complex and prone to errors. Talanos strong engineering team streamline and automate privileged access management processes, making them more efficient and scalable across heterogeneous environments, including on-premises, cloud, SaaS and hybrid environments. This drives better adoption amongst users who'll be able to get access to resources, when they need it.

  • Legacy privileged access isn't strong enough.

    Password-based authentication methods are vulnerable to various attacks, including phishing and brute-force attacks. Talanos enhance credential security on legacy and remote access by implementing PAM features such as password rotation, vaulting, and multi-factor authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and credential theft. Privileged sessions are setup without the need to know the privileged credential at all.

Technology partnerships.

Identity centric security.

Identity Governance and Administration.

Access Management and Authentication: Verify that humans and machines are who or what they claim, and ensure that they are entitled to securely access web resources in line with zero-trust principles (via authorization and adaptive access)

Customer IAM.

Privileged Access Management: Enable secure privileged (that is, administrative) access by humans and machines by discovering, managing, brokering and logging permissions, credentials and usage.

Delivering IAM: Establish and run an effective long-term program for implementing IAM practices, processes and technologies that are aligned with business objectives.

Fraud Detection: Deploy a journey-time orchestrated stack of identity-proofing, identity-affirmation and fraud-detection capabilities to mitigate the risks of account opening and account takeover fraud while maintaining a great user experience.

Talanos will walk the path with you.

Complete Turnkey Service: Talanos can help your organisation design, plan and implement a modern IGA roadmap or let us manage and operate your PAM solution as a service.

Process Oriented: Our implementation approach involves a high degree of business process architecture and re-engineering, which we can then automate with tooling.

Ability to Execute: Highly experienced and well-trained consultants have assisted various customers globally through their IGA and PAM implementations.

Change Management: After many successful projects, customers regularly cite our focus on change management and communication as key to our shared success.

Some of our happy PAM customers.

Get control of your privileged accounts, contact one of our principal identity consultants.

The Talanos Difference.

  • 9+/10 customer recommendations based on NPS scores.

  • Graduate placement program to grow cyber skills.

  • Average employee tenure is 7 years.

  • Each staff member has on average 8.65 cyber and IT qualifications.

We're working to embed our values into everything we do and our customers notice:

No surprises!

  • Transparent pricing, no hidden costs and focused on measurable ROI.
  • Streamlined and flexible contracting, ensuring ease of doing business.

Talented People.

  • Exceptional people backed by robust security and quality delivery systems (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited).
  • Passionate about cyber, demonstrated by industry-leading certifications and groundbreaking research.

Always There. Always Caring.

  • Named analysts who become an extension of your team, offering expert advice and proactive recommendations.
  • Global 24/7 team delivering resilience and diverse thinking, supported by regional teams for the local touch.