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Cybersecurity Foundations - Early Days

The cybersecurity job market has experienced a significant surge in popularity and demand in recent years. With LinkedIn job postings attracting over two hundred candidates for the SOC Analyst position, this blog aims to shift the focus from the extensively discussed topic of "How to get into Cybersecurity" to exploring the challenges and opportunities awaiting individuals after securing their first job in the cybersecurity field.

Professionals generously share insights, tips, and mentoring on "How to get into Cybersecurity" on LinkedIn, playing a crucial role in maintaining a balance between the high demand for knowledge and the ongoing need for skill development in the industry.

This blog emphasizes the importance of training and professional development after landing an initial role in cybersecurity, serving as a valuable reflection on the early days of one's cybersecurity career.

Navigating the Cybersecurity Journey:

Congratulations on securing your first job in the cybersecurity industry. However, this achievement marks just the beginning of a journey that is often more challenging and rewarding than anticipated. Contrary to common perceptions, progress in this field is not always linear, and expectations of improvement and ease may not align with the observable trend.

Observations reveal that candidates frequently highlight the training and courses they've completed, with the CompTIA triple course package (A+, Network+, Security+) being a popular choice. This package, offered by various training providers, equips individuals with fundamental skills for entering the cybersecurity domain, catering to a beginner-level audience.

Despite completing the CompTIA trifecta, refining your CV and succeeding in interviews, the initial sense of relief may be misleading. Looking back, it becomes apparent that there is no magic key provided for navigating the vast cybersecurity ocean. The boat, crafted from knowledge and experience gained in beginner-level cybersecurity courses, may feel fragile and insecure.

The logical response is to reinforce your knowledge and experience to navigate the cybersecurity ocean more securely and confidently.

Training & Professional Development:

The early days in a new job can be challenging, as teams require additional support promptly. The dynamic and active nature of the cybersecurity industry means that changes occur rapidly and impact all teams, whether red, purple, or blue.

A foundational truth in cybersecurity is the need for continuous professional development to stay abreast of the latest technologies, threats, and changes. While not easy, committing to personal development is crucial. Setting a target to achieve at least one certification exam annually, ensuring it represents the latest tools and challenges, is a manageable goal. Opting for intermediate-level exams before progressing to advanced certifications allows for steady progression based on individual capabilities.

Curiosity serves as a strong motivator for personal development in the cybersecurity industry. A curious individual engages in extensive reading and studying, explores diverse solutions to problems, and adopts versatile approaches.

Negative aspects of the Cybersecurity Industry, such as imposter syndrome and burnout, need acknowledgment. Effective management paths for imposter syndrome and burnout are crucial.



Embarking on a cybersecurity career is an exhilarating journey. While it may seem overwhelming initially due to the dynamic nature and rapid pace of changes, selecting the right training and committing to continuous professional development can bring clarity to the picture and make challenges more manageable.

Establishing achievable and realistic targets, considering individual circumstances and life commitments, is essential. Awareness of negative aspects such as burnout and imposter syndrome is crucial.

Organisations employing individuals in the cybersecurity field should encourage and support their professional development at every stage of their journey.

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